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Feb 22, 2008 · byakugan is used to find e enemy and to foresee attacks before e enemy hits. Sharingan is uuseful in one on one battles. Because it gives him . 23, 2009 · I have to say at it depends on e ninja using e eye technique, since e sharingun is different depending on e uchiha at uses it. If it is a first level sharingun against byakugan en i have to say at byakugan is e strongest of e two, but any higher level sharingans overpower e byakugan, take kakashi's sharingan for example, his second level technique is an offensive move. Feb 18, 2008 · si fuera sharingan con las 2 comitas, el byakugan gana si fuera el sharingan normal, pienso ke el byakugan igual ganaria ya ke pueden ver los puntos de chakra y serrarlo y sin chakra no ahi sharingan,a demas tiene la capacidad de ver en 360 grados lo cual es una gran virtud y eso de la defensa perfecta tambien sobrepasa el poder del sharingan. Sharingan Vs Byakugan Yahoo Dating, online dating sf dog, aries dating sagittarius, 17 internet dating profiles buzzfeed. 14, 2007 · byakugan itu mata yg bisa digunain buat ngeliat cakra. bisa juga buat ngeliat tembus pandang. byakugan cuma khusus buat klan hyuuga. rinnegan itu mata yg bisa digunain buat ngontrol badan orang lain. jenis mata ini lebih kuat dibandingkan sharingan sama byakugan. cuma orang2 tertentu doank yg punya mata ini. contohnya pain, pemimpin akatsuki. e Byakugan is a visual jutsu at happens to be e strongest. ere are only a very few ings in is world at Byakugan can't see, as quoted by Kakashi. e Byakugan gives e user a near 360º field of vision, wi one blind spot at e bac. A byakugan user vs a sharingan user. Narutopedia. Fandom. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis. Community Central. Start a Wiki. Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Narutopedia. 6,967 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Activity. Recent Changes Logs. Abuse Log. Block Log. Chat Ban Log. Deletion Log. Apr 08, 2006 · Sharingan. You can copy moves and predict movements when you get e ree tomoe sharingan. And you can see e chakra in someone's body so ey wouldn't be able to hide from you. And plus it looks cooler. P.S. rizahatake you can also turn off Byakugan. i ink you mean you have too keep e white eyes forever. and kakashi can't turn off his. 13,  · Yahoo Products. Kyle. Kyle asked in Entertainment & Music Comics & Animation. 9 years ago. rinnegan vs sharingan and byakugan combo. which would win? I know what ey do, I just want to know which would win. If you could have bo a sharingan and a byakugan (one in each eye) and you faced an opponent wi a rinnegan, who would win. Feb 25, 2008 · i ink e byakugan and e sharingan would be evenly matched but e sharingan doesn't have a blind spot, unlike e byakugan which has a . 26, 2007 · Sharingan, you would be able to copy exactly what people do and foresee ings (infront of you). Eyes included too! And, i mean if you would have em in e current life you have now. Sharingan would be especially useful in sports, you can just copy e dunks you see on tv and stuff like at. I would personally want e byakugan. e Byakugan (白眼, Literally meaning: White Eye, Meaning (Viz): All Seeing White Eye) is a kekkei genkai dōjutsu at originated from e Ōtsutsuki clan. After e Ōtsutsuki settled on Ear, e Byakugan became more commonly associated wi e Hyūga clan, descendants of e Ōtsutsuki. It is regarded as one of e ree Great Dōjutsu, e o ers being e Sharingan and e Rinnegan. 16, 2008 · pues yo digo que el byakugan. ademas kakashi en un capitulo dice que en una pelea sharingan vs byakugan el ganador seria el segundo, ademas tambien dijo que el sharingan se deriva del byakugan. en mi opinion el byakugan tiene mas beneficios ya que puedes ver las corrientes de shakra el sharingan te puede lasti por fuera. Sharingan Vs Rinnegan Yahoo Dating, sean ervin online dating, mentally dating jj watt shirt, blue collar white collar dating zero. 58 ans. 112 ans. Linis, 40 ans. Jacquie et Michel Nancy. 1m60. 21, 2008 · Sharingan is obviously more focused on in e plot, and so far e best Sharingan users (Madara, Itachi, Sasuke) are stronger an guys like Hiashi and Neji. Overall, it seems like Sharingan is better, al ough obviously it depends on e user, how ey use it, e situation, etc. Byakugan can do some pretty useful shit at Sharingan can't. e Byaku Sharingan (白写輪眼, Literally meaning: White Copy Wheel Eye, Meaning (Viz): All Seeing Mirror Wheel Eye) is a kekkei genkai dōjutsu unique to Shinami, dhter of Shinzui Uchiha and Nakano Hyūga, believed to have originated from a spontaneous mutation at merged e Byakugan and e Sharingan. e eyes itself take e form of enlarged, featureless white irides wi no visible. Sharingan vs Byakugan. Discussion. Sharingan=byakugan Mangekyo sharingan= tensigan Rinnigan=jogan. I remember in part one of e OG Naruto and I believe it was kakashi who said sharingan and byakugan are equals . But as we continued to watch Naruto we learned at statement was no ing more an a atrocious lie. e sharingan seemed. Byaku-Sharingan (白写輪眼, Byaku-Sharingan) is a pseudo-dōjutsu utilised by Neji Hyūga. e Byaku-Sharingan was manifested when Neji Hyūga combined his Byakugan wi Sharingan contact lenses. is dōjutsu grants e user no special abilities o er an e Byakugan's since e dōjutsu is activated. Byakugan VS 3-Tomoe Sharingan - which is e better Dojutsu? LIKE - SUBSCRIBE - SHARE *SONGS USED* Jim Yosef &. Dos de las mejores técnicas oculares vistas en el mundo ninja, enfrentadas, pero CUAL ES MEJOR? - Sharingan vs Byakugan Twitter del canal: https://twit. 19, 20  · Rinnegan is by far e most strongest of all e eye techniques, it is said at e sage of 6 pa possessed rinnegan, even pain also had a rinnegan. we already saw in e attack on kanoha part of naruto how power it was, no bykugan or sharingan could have equaled e sheer power and technique. many byakugan users died trying to face pain's rinnegan. Feb 15, 2008 · Byakugan. Sharingan. Rinnegan. However ere are different versions onto e Sharingan. Not really any ing for e Byakugan and Rinnegan. For e Sharingan ere are pretty much 3 types/version to it: Sharingan. Mangekyou Sharingan. Mangekyou Implosion Technique (Unnamed) (Kakashi's MS). Sharingan: Kekkei genkai found usually on Uchiha clan members, o ers got e eye by taking it from a Uchiha clan member(i.e.Kakashi). Byakugan: Kekkei genkai found naturally on e Hyuga clan members, o ers got e eye by taking it from a Hyuga clan member(i.e.Ao). Kekkei genkai: a technique limited to inheritance by blood or Bloodline. 25, 2009 · ¿byakugan vs sharingan? miren la verdad a simple vista el sharingan es mas poderoso ademas es evolucion del byakugan pero me llamo la atencion que en las peleas del examen chunnin neiji vs hinata kakashi o no me acuerdo quien dice que el byakugan es mas poderoso que el sharingan entonces me entro la curiosidad. e Byakugan is a pure dojutsu by itself, while e Rinnegan and Sharigan are e arated dojutsu of e Rinne-Sharingan, e ird eye manifested by Kaguya. e Byakugan seems to have existed before e Rinnegan and Sharingan as it seems to have been . Feb 19,  · La pelea seria el byakugan vs el sharingan, bueno se que el shaingan es muy podereso por todas esa fases y jutsus, pero segun lo que he leido el chakra de los hyuga, es el de la mejor calidad los jutsus del byakugan son mortales, ademas el byakugan es la version avanzada del sharingan y tambien puede adivinar sus movimientos viendo el chakra asi que no es un doujutsu solo para ver . 09, 2008 · Sharingan vs byakugan = Sharingan why because of e 2 Upgrades of e sharingan & amongst ose e Mangekyou Sharingan Tyaki is older an Sasuke's fa er! 0 1. Feb 01, 2008 · e Sharingan is a Kekkei Genkei (Bloodline Limit) used by e Uchiha clan. It was created from e Byakugan by Madara Uchiha, e founder of e Uchiha clan. e first few types of e Sharingan allows you to use e 'normal' setting of it, which is e ability to see Chakra, and allows you to copy techniques. 25, 2004 · When we see Itachi face Kakashi Itachi says at Uchiha is e greatest because of Sharingan. However in Konoha e Hyuuga is e noble family and Konoha's trump card (see Neji vs Naruto fight). According to Neji's story when e country of lightning wanted e body of e head member Konoha Hinata was 4 years old. Sharingan vs. Byakugan. By: Brandon Davis and Justin Bell. Naruto and none of it's characters are owned by me or Justin. We are simply creating our version of a fight between two Naruto characters. Keep in mind at is story takes place before e events of . 28, 2008 · hola quiero saber que creen que es mejor el byakugan! o el sharingan x_x ya sea mangekyou o no en hablando de naruto SHIPPUDEN! 1.- neji puede ver 360 grados en un radio de 4 kilometros dicen. 2.- los genjutsus no afectan a el byakugan 3.-neji puede atacar cuerpo a cuerpo y a DISTANCIA (hakke kushou [destructor de 8 trigramos algo]) 4.-sasuke no puede copiar el byakugan . 05,  · Hinata she does have e Byakugan and e gentle fist techniques can be very powerful if used correctly, Ino would put up a fight ough. Orochi u he has too many tricks, Sasory was defeated by his granny and Sakura, orochi u probably already knows of Sasori's techniques and orochi u has a way out of ings get tough (Manda) but honestly orochi u isn't is kind of a dirty . Sharingan is a bit better for 3 reasons. it can evolve 2. it copys oppenents moves 3. increses dodge rate byakugan is close but a bit less for 3 reasons 1.byakugan has a blind spot 2.sees. 08, 2008 · Here are my arguments: Speed vs Streng: Speed because it does not matter how strong you are, if you cannot hit your opponent you will lose. Byakugan vs Sharingan: Byakugan because you can see almost 360 degrees around you and and can anticipate an attack coming 50 yards away. You can also see chakra points.

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